Effective Tyre Maintenance Guide

Enjoying tension free driving can be achieved only if all the parts of your vehicle works properly. This includes all the mechanical parts, engine, tyres etc. Apart of all these, tyres are often ignored by most of the users. This often leads to accidents & after that you realize your mistake.

Tyres are the main support of the vehicle. Its always better to have all the precautions better than regretting afterwards. Here, I am giving you all the tips which you must follow in order to avoid any mis happenings in future.

  1. Wear out of Tyres – These are very common. Even a single wear of tyre can prove to be fatal as it may burst. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the tyres constantly. The air in it should be checked.
  2. Air Pressure in Tyres – Less or excessive air pressure in tyres can again be very dangerous as the car can swerve on road. This also has great effect on the fuel consumption by the car. So air pressure should be checked from time to time.
  3. Overloading & Overheating – This may have an additional pressure on the tyres & can lead to damage of tyres. Again this is an avoidable situation. So you can easily do so.
  4. Replacement – Replace the tyres of the car every 10 years. This all depends on the condition of the roads, weather & your driving skills.
  5. Breakage, cuts or Cracks on tyres – If they are present on tyres, immediately take action to replace them. This is an emergency condition & ignored can lead to severe accidents.
  6. Replacement tips – While replacing without the help of mechanic, take care of bolts. They should be of right size. It should be tight enough & mounted on the rims with correct width.
  7. Rotation of tyres – In case of any wear & tear of any tyre, rotate them. This is important to expose all the tyres equally to the adverse conditions.
  8. Alignment – Try to maintain a proper alignment as this is important for better handling of the car.
  9. Puncture – If there is a puncture, show that to a mechanic as something it may cause internal damage & can be fatal. Also carry a extra tyre with you which can be helpful in case of long journey.
  10. Parking tips – This is also equally important. Don’t park it on the oil, solvents etc as they may damage tyres.

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