How to Sell a Car at a Good Price

Cars have become a necessity these days. Each one in the family has its own car to combat with the profession as driving yourself saves a lot of time & money. Using public transportation does not gives a comfort zone which can be achieved only by using our own transportation. But, often one feels to change his/her car, may be due to problems or may be he/she wants a new model.

So to get a new one, either you need to sell your older one or trade it into a dealer. If you are interested in selling the car, i would suggest you to sell it yourself without a agent in between. Due to this, you will get better selling value. Only, you have to be little active & spend some time in dealing with the clients. But the result would be good for sure.

When to Sell the Car?
First of all, it is very important for you to decide when to sell your car. This can be known by showing it to the mechanic. He will guide you by telling the condition & the life of car. It is necessary to note down that beyond a certain age & mileage, the selling of car becomes difficult.

Setting the Price
This is difficult as the price of the car of same model & year, may vary. This is entirely depended on the condition of the car. So try to find out the price by looking in NADA guides. Also go through the classified advertisements & see what people of your locality is asking the price for the same model of car. However, price is highly variable & depends on the maintenance, year of installation, gas prices, mechanical prices etc.

Condition of the Car before Selling
Always, people want to buy the car that looks good & clean, which does not produce any noise while test driving and whose all papers are complete. So, you need to take care of all these points.

  1. First of all, wash your car properly & then wax & vacuum it. Cleaning include the mirrors, glasses & removing all the junk and fluids from inside.
  2. Dashboard & other surfaces should be made clean.
  3. Take care of the Tyres & do the polishing work if required.
  4. If any repairing work like replacing the fused bulbs or problem causing production of noises, are present, do them immediately.
  5. Take precaution, not to smoke inside it anymore to keep the interior free from tobacco free.
  6. Collect all the papers together. Often buyers are happy to see all the papers as they would be satisfied with the hope that there won’t be any more formalities left once everything is finalized.

Putting the Ads of the Car
Once you are finished with all the primary things, then its the time to put an ad for the sale. Put a sign board of ‘For Sale’ on your car. Tell your relatives & friends about your interest in selling the car. Mouth-to-mouth publicity helps a lot. Also, put ads on Online site. This can also be very helpful. Also, click good pictures of your car & put them on the sites. This also attracts the customers.

Tips While Negotiating with the Buyers  
You must take care that it is the habit of the buyers to bargain. So price should be fixed keeping in mind this thing. But on the other hand, price should not be so much high that it seems out of reach for the customer. The initial inquires should be set up on phone or through emails only. This saves a lot of time. Show the car only to those who seems really interested. Go with the buyer for the test drive. Don’t allow them to take it alone. If, everything is finalized & the buyer is asking to reserve the car, ask for some security money. And the most important thing, never show the customer, your need or that you are in a hurry to sell the car. This gives bad impression & also you may get lower price.

Final Formalities & Paper Work
Once, the new owner of the car has been decided, you feel little relaxed. But the work is not complete. Be sure that you are done with all the paper work. Its better to get the payment in cash or demand draft. If you get it in cheque, then don’t hand over all the papers till the cheque has been cleared.

So I hope, this would be helpful to you while selling your car.

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