Lamborghini Reventon Review

Lamborghini cars have consistently established new benchmarks in the supercar genre. These cars are known for their exquisite aggressive designs and exclusive features. Lamborghini Reventon is perhaps the most ambitious project undertaken by the company. The Lamborghini Reventon is a car with an extremely dramatic design and one that could make most supercars look rather bland.

Lamborghini Reventon

Lamborghini Reventon Specifications

The Lamborghini Reventon review indicates that the design of the car was created when engineers at Lamborghini wanted to create a dramatic variation of the Murcielago. The exclusivity of this vehicle can be gauged from the fact that only 20 of these beautiful beasts were created and all were sold out. The car comes with a 6496cc, 12-cylinder, V12 petrol engine and this can generate power of 640 bhp at 8000 rpm along with peak torque of 660 Nm at 6000 rpm.

The length of the car is 4610mm and its width is 2058mm while its height is 1135mm.The exterior design of the car is made from CFC which is a carbon fibre material. The car has rigid tubular steel frame chassis. The car comes with 6-speed manual transmission. The top speed of the car is 340 km/hr and it can reach 0 to 100 km/hr in just 3.3 seconds.

The Lamborghini Reventon has double wishbone suspension with adjustable hydraulic shocks and anti roll bars along with anti squat and anti dive features. The brake system of the car includes large ventilated discs. The kerb weight of the car is 1665 kgs and it has fuel tank limit of 100 litres.

Lamborghini Reventon Mileage

As per the Lamborghini Reventon review the car can deliver mileage of 2.5 km/litre in the city while the mileage on the highway is around 4 km/litre.

Lamborghini Reventon Interiors

Lamborghini Reventon Interior

The car has exterior lighting that features Bi-Xenon headlights and seven LEDs on each side along with as many as nine diodes as indicators as well as hazard lights. The rear portion of the car also has heatproof LEDs used for rear indicators and hazard lights. The interiors of the car draw its inspiration from the interiors of aircraft cockpits. The interiors have three LCD screens that display information that the driver may need.

The instruments in the car are cased in solid aluminium block structure and this is protected by carbon fiber casing. The car also has a new G-Force meter that displays dynamic drive forces and longitudinal acceleration in braking as well as in accelerating. The meter also displays transversal acceleration experienced in bends. The different forces are displayed through the indicator movement.

Lamborghini Reventon Safety features

The safety features in the car include antilock brake system along with traction control. The car does not have side airbags feature or stability control.

Lamborghini Reventon Price and design variations

The starting Lamborghini Reventon price is around Rs 10.50 crores and the car is available in a single design variation.

Lamborghini Reventon Colors

Since this is an extremely excusive car with only 20 models made it is available in a completely different color too. The designers have created a completely new color which is mid opaque green/grey and has a great deal of depth without having too much shine.

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