Simple Way to Estimate Your Car Mileage

Owning a car has other expenses also. One to maintain it properly so that the mileage does not come down. By mileage means the kilometers covered by the vehicle in 1 liter of fuel. Due to continuously increasing price of petrol, car owners have started concerning about the mileage. This is of most concern even for those who have good financial condition.

Estimating car mileage is the step every owner should take care of. If it comes out to be low it means that the fuel consumption is high & there is some problem either in the engine or some other part. This raises the alarm for you to get the vehicle checked as soon as possible. Also, it may be generating more pollution due to more fuel consumption. This again is the source of concern for the environment as well.

Estimation of the car mileage : This is very easy & required to follow simple steps.

  1. First of all, fill the tank full with the fuel i.e up to the brim.
  2. Then, before starting the car, note down the kilometers already covered. If you think that you can forget it, note down somewhere. Also, you can reset the values if you have a trip meter.
  3. Now, make normal usage of your vehicle. Don’t think about the fuel consumption at that time.
  4. Now, after some time or some day, when the fuel gauge shows half or quarter of the tank, again take your car to the fuel station to refill. If possible take to the same station. This would help to reduce the error.
  5. While refueling to the brim again, note carefully, the amount of fuel needs to refill again. Again, note down the odometer reading.
  6. Now, its the time to calculate the mileage. This can be done by a simple formula.
    It is – Difference between the starting and end points in kilometers divided by amount of fuel required to fill the tank up to the brim. This can be said in other words also – difference between the end point & starting point, divided by fuel quantity.
    It can be calculated by another formula also. It is – Trip meter reading divided by the amount of fuel in liters, required to fill the tank up to the brim.

This is indeed a easy process & does not require any preparation. Only, you need to note down certain values for some time.
If in case, mileage comes out to be low than normal for that model, do rush to the service center. It can save you a lot of money & also saves environment from pollution.

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