Step By Step Guide to Fix Your Car’s Air Conditioner

Having a safe and comfortable journey is all what we want while travelling in our own car. This also includes the Air Conditioner. It is very essential that it works well. Every model has different type of air conditioner. It is important to know about it before even trying to fix it. Also, a proper working of the device should be known in order to get the problem and fix it correctly.

Steps to fix the Air Conditioner of Your Car : The air conditioner of the car is just like the refrigerator whose function is to push out the warm air & push in the cool air. Below are the tips to fix the problematic air conditioner.

  1. Identification of the problem – First of all detect of signs that may indicate fault with the Air conditioner. The signs may be no cool air or very less cool air thrown by the AC.
  2. Knowing the parts – This is again a very important step. If you don’t know the parts a AC comprise of,  it is next to impossible to ix it correctly and properly. Normally, there are 5 parts in a AC. These are Compressor, Refrigerant, Expansion valve, Condenser and evaporator (dryer).
  3. Knowing the functions of each part – Every part has its own significance. It should be known before attempting to repair it. Often, compressor pumps out the refrigerant which is a chemical gas. The condenser changes refrigerant into liquid form which is further changed into cold air by dryer. Expansion valve removes any pressure.
  4. Check for Refrigerant – Check if there is any leakage in it. It can be easily done through the fluorescent dye. It can also be done through the UV light. If the test is positive i.e the refrigerant is leaking, repair it with the leak sealer. It is very easy to use.
  5. Check for other faults – If the refrigerant is working properly, there might be problem with the other parts. Check for any broken wires, fuses, broken belt, switches etc. These are very easy to repair.
  6. Time to take to the professional – If after all these repairs, still the air conditioner of your car is not working, it means there is something which you are not able to detect and it needs some expert opinion.

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