Top 7 Car Buying Tips

We as a common man, often comes under pressure whenever we decide to buy something that is expensive. There is always a feeling of insecurity that our decision might be wrong. For eg, while buying a car, we always think which one to buy, where to buy, how to buy etc. But now there is a easy way to get answer to all this. Below are the tips which you must follow while buying a car.

We try our best to give you all the important & relevant tips which will prove to be very helpful and useful as well.

  1. Research – This is to be done from the various resources. First of all, find out the basic accessories & things you would like to have them in your car. This includes the color, model, capacity, mileage etc. Also, search for the vehicle that is best suited on the roads of your area, check for specific service station of the company nearby. . This you can easily find on internet.
  2. Check the Reviews of the Brand selected – Once you have made up your mind & selected 1- 2 brands, read the reviews of that particular brand on internet or any other friend or relative, using the same one. These are the people who can give you the best answer.
  3. Where to buy – It is always better to buy from the authorized dealers. They have the license & also gives you warranty. They have the guarantee ownership of the vehicle. Whereas, while buying privately, may pose you with risks as there is no warranty issues.
  4. Finalizing the deal with the dealer – You has to well prepare before appearing yourself in front of the dealer. Don’t be in a hurry to finalize the deal. Visit some dealers before making up the mind. May be you can get some better option. Arrange some finance & carry with you but without showing the dealer. Also, if possible, buy it near the end of the month. Sometimes, in such cases, dealers may give you good deals if they had to get their quotas.
  5. Test Drive – Also don’t forget to take a test drive of the car you selected. This is very essential. Check all the minute thing including comfort zone as well. The pick up, noise from engine, handles of door, paint etc, everything should be evaluated.
  6. How to pay – Always take care, not to pay through the credit cards as the interest rates are very high. Then, manage yourself about how much you can pay through cash & the amount you need to finance. Try to finance through bank as they have cheaper interest rates.
  7. Delivery of the Car – Also ensure with your dealer about the mode of delivery. It should be convenient to you as well.

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