Yamaha SS125 Review

Yamaha India has introduced several bikes to meet the needs of sports bike enthusiasts in the country. These bikes deliver excellent performance and are also competitively priced. Yamaha has now repackaged the Gladiator in new shades as well as graphics to launch the Yamaha SS125. This bike is well built and is positioned between FZ16 and YBR 110.

Yamaha SS125

Yamaha SS125 Specifications

The engine as per the Yamaha SS125 review is the same as the one in Gladiator. The 125cc engine can deliver power of 11 bhp at 7500 rpm along with peak torque of 10.4 Nm at 6500 rpm. The bike has 5 speed gears and comes with multiplate wet clutch. The bike has diamond tubular chassis. The length of the bike is 1995mm and its width is 730mm and the height is 1110mm.

The bike has Yamaha Throttle Position sensor and this allows great acceleration. The bike has telescopic fork front suspension and swing arm rear suspension. The bike also has 240mm dia front disc brakes and 130mm dia drum rear brakes. The brake system allows for easy deceleration along with quick braking. The suspension allows the bike to take corners with relative ease.

The bike comes with kick start as well as self start options. The bike weighs 125 kgs and has a ground clearance of 155 mm. The bike has fuel tank capacity of 13.60 litres and has a wheelbase of 1295mm. The bike has wet sump lubrication feature and this ensures the fuel can be used entirely and this thereby improves the fuel economy.

Yamaha SS125 Mileage

The bike can deliver good mileage of around 60 to 70 km/litre

Yamaha SS125 Features

The Yamaha SS125 has a stylish design and the seat has been shaped in a manner to provide the maximum amount of comfort and stability to the rider and pillion. The bike has an aerodynamically designed rear fender and aluminium foot rest for the rider as well as pillion. The bike has analogue fuel gauge and speedometer.

Yamaha SS125 Price and design variations

The starting price of the bike is around Rs 53000 and the bike is available in a single design variation.

Yamaha SS125 Colors

The bike is available in two colors and these include red with black and blue with black.

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