Yamaha YZF R1 Review

The Yamaha YZF R1 was launched in India first in 2007 and became a huge hit in the Indian bike market. The market for superbikes is reserved for the elite class of individuals but has continued to grow at an impressive rate. The company launched the 2010 version of the bike and the response has been overwhelming to say the least.

Yamaha YZF R1

Yamaha YZF R1 Specifications

The Yamaha YZF R1 review indicates that the bike comes with a brand new 998cc four-cylinder inline engine. This engine can deliver power of 179 bhp at 12500 rpm along with peak torque of 115.5 Nm at 10000 rpm. The bike has 6 manual gears and comes with wet multiple disc coil spring clutch. The length of the bike is 2070mm and its width is 715mm while its height is 1130mm.

The bike displays top class throttle linearity and the engine sounds extremely smooth and clear. The bike features some excellent technological innovations like Chip control intake and chip control throttle and this helps in smoothing out the inputs and ensuring that optimal power and torque is delivered.

The Yamaha YZF R1 review indicates that the bike has telescopic fork front suspension and swingarm rear suspension. The Yamaha YZF R1 suspension delivers excellent support and ensures that the bike rides smoothly even on the roughest of roads absorbing all the bumps and road problems. As the bike is quite bulky turning the bike on corners can be challenging.

The tires of the bike have decent grip. The bike has 310 mm rotors that are pinched by 6-piston brake callipers and rear braking has 220mm disc with twin piston calliper. However the brake response is slow because of several factors like weight of the bike and chassis balance. The bike weighs 206 kgs and has a ground clearance of 135mm.

The fuel tank limit of the bike is 18 litres and it has a wheelbase of 1415mm. The bike also has D-Mode Throttle control valve mapping feature and this ensures that the rider can choose different maps depending on the riding environment like wet conditions, heavy traffic and highway.

Yamaha YZF R1 Mileage

This super bike can deliver mileage of around 15 to 20 km/litre

Yamaha YZF R1 Features

The model introduced in 2009 and 2010 sports some changes from the earlier model. The new model is more compact. The instrument display of the bike is beautiful with huge tachometer and LCD speedometer. This display provides all the relevant information to the rider.

Yamaha YZF R1 Price and design variations

The starting price of the bike is Rs 12.50 lakhs and the bike is available in a single design variation.

Yamaha YZF R1 Colors

The bike is available in two colors in India and these include blue and red.

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